Where are you located?
I (Nina) am based out of Hebron, Indiana, but work frequently throughout Chicagoland.

Are you available for travel?
Yes! I love to travel, but because I am also a full-time student, travel shoots (any shoot that is more than a day trip) must be booked at least 6 weeks in advance. Travel shoots may also have increased pricing (travel fees).

Do you shoot film or digital?
I shoot both. I currently provide options for sessions to be shot on digital with rolls of film being shot at an additional service fee ($30/roll for Ilford HP5 Plus B&W, which covers the cost of the film itself, and developing, or $40/roll for your choice o colored Fuji or Kodak film, which again covers the cost of the film and developing).
If you are interested in doing a shoot that is only film, no digital, I do offer a sliding scale of rates which is open to discussion. 

Will you shoot my wedding?
Absolutely. For weddings, I do ask for a down-payment at the time of booking, and booking at least two months in advance.

If I book portraits with you, can I bring my pets?
Of course you can. If you book a lifestyle session, it is about you and whoever else you choose to be in it. If you want family portraits and you want your dog/cat/hermit crab/snake/etc to be in them, that's fine! All I ask is that anyone (person or pet) who is going to be in photos is semi-well behaved/can be still for small periods of time. 

Will you retouch photos of me?
For portraits, I really love for everything and everyone to look real. Real, real, real. Yes, if you show up to your shoot with a very noticeable zit, cut, scrape, etc, and don't want it in the shots, I can get rid of it. I will also get rid of anything unwanted in the background (garbage cans, traffic lights, etc). However, I will not alter body types, will not give you a "nose job," etc. If I'm taking portraits of you, I want them to look like the most beautiful version of you.

I really like a photo you took of (band/musician). Can I purchase a printed copy?
If you would like to purchase a print of a certain photo you've seen featured on my site, please contact me directly. I legally am not authorized to sell prints of musicians/bands without their consent. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a print, I must first reach out to the band directly to ask their permission, and we can work from there. 

I really like (photographer's) style. Can you make your photos look more like theirs?
Unfortunately, every photographer has their own unique style. My style is very colorful most times, usually very clean, sometimes kind of vintage. However, even when my style varies among shoots, it is still my style. As a photographer, my goal is to provide pictures that best capture the emotions and auras you give me as a person/group/band/etc. When booking me, you are booking my style, and trusting that I will give you the best photos that I can with my skill-set, experience, and style. 

Will you shoot my band?
Absolutely. I love doing both promos and live shots. Shoot me an email/text/etc. and we can definitely work something out.

Will you shoot my sorority/fraternity/club/group?
I will, indeed. For group portraits I charge $250 for groups of up to five people, with an additional $40 for every additional person. For group event photos (candid, not posed), price quotes are available upon inquiry.

How much do your portraits cost?
Currently, a lifestyle session is $240 flat-rate, which means for that we shoot as long as is necessary (within reason, usually around one to two hours) to get the shots you are happy with, you can bring whatever outfits/etc you'd like, and you get back high resolution digital copies of 20-30 of your favorite photos, and once you pass 30 photos, each digital copy is an additional $5. 

I really want printed copies of my photos, do you offer prints?
I do offer prints. If you would like to order printed copies of your photos, I can offer a pricing sheet at any time upon request. I offer matte, glossy, metallic, and canvas prints.

Is there a student discount?
Yes and no. For high school students I do not offer a discount at this time. However, I am flexible with pricing, so if you absolutely cannot afford my rate, we can probably work something out. For college students, I offer 15% off if you show your current student ID at the time of booking. For Valparaiso University students, I offer 40% off if you show your VU ID at time of booking.